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Zucchini (3 Methods)

Categories: Vegetables
Contributed by: B&T's mom

1st method: Slice thin rounds and coat with House Autry's Seafood Breader, yes you read that right. Then fry until brown. I use veg oil. You can use a frying pan or a fry daddy. I drain it on a paper towel. Very tasty. Even my friends who don't like squash love this.

2nd method: Also, slice and sautee an onion in a pot with butter or margarine, add cut up squash, salt & pepper, Add just a bit of water, cover and cook until tender. Sometimes I will also add garlic to this to change it up a bit.

3rd: We also slice it thickly, zucchini too, and toss it with sea salt, pepper, and garlic. Then drizzle with olive oil and grill.

My son who claims to not like squash eats all of these right up.

~~~~Rene' mom to Brandon & Taylor