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How to Submit Recipes

Submitting your recipe:

You can e-mail your submission to: submitrecipes@yahoo.com

Alternatively, if you are a member of the Holt Intl message forum, feel free to PM
(private message) your recipes to us (user name Jacqueline&David) instead of
e-mailing them, if you are more comfortable doing so.

Note: If you submit recipes via email, please include your Holt Intl message forum user name!

We will update the site with new recipe submissions periodically.
Thanks for contributing to the site!

By submitting a recipe, you affirm that the work is in compliance with copyright law.
Copyrights and recipes:

A list of ingredients cannot be copyrighted, so you are free to include the ingredient list portion of a copyrighted recipe in your submission.

The portion of a recipe consisting of instructions for preparing the ingredients is protected under copyright law. If you submit a recipe you obtained from a copyrighted source, you must rewrite the recipe instructions so that the wording is substantially your own. Please also credit the original source by writing "adapted from (name of original source)".

For more information on copyright law as it applies to recipes, see the following web site,
which offers a clear, succinct explanation understandable to non-lawyers:



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