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Yummy Pasta Dish Thingy

Categories: Pasta/Rice/Noodles
Contributed by: soon2B5

So Yummy- Pasta dish thingie. Yes- that's what we call it.

Cook up any pasta bits leftover from packages in cupboards.

Collect all vegetables from fridge that are past "fresh" prime, but perfect for sauce (today that's shredded zuchini, shredded carrots, eggplant).

Cook up meat of some sort- tonight that's ground turkey and sausage (not breakfast sausage, but the kind you put in pasta). Add any leftover tomatoe sauce from fridge or freezer and sometimes a new can of sauce. Cook it up.

Mix slightly undercooked misc pasta and sauce into a lasagna pan- add cheese and cottage cheese in a misc pattern.

Cook in the oven on 375 for 30 mins taking off the tin foil for the last 5.