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Fresh Vietnamese Spring Rolls

Categories: Pasta/Rice/NoodlesWorld Cuisine 
Contributed by: asian~treasures/Sheri


Prepare the following & set aside:
Chop in small strips carrots & dakon. Place those strips in a bowl or large jar with vinegar, sugar & salt & cover. (Amounts--to taste. The vinegar amt depends on how sour you want it. If you want it sweeter, put in more suger.) And, An usually makes this the day before.

Cook rice noodles. Boil for 5 min.; turn off burner, cover & let set for 2 min. Drain & place on plate to start cooling.

In frying pan brown your meat (she uses mock tender roast sliced pretty thin.) Brown meat with about 1/4 c. lemon grass & 2-3 Tbsp. of canola or vegetable or sesame oil. (Sesame oil is An's favorite.) At end of cook time, put in 3-4 drops of fish oil. Place in bowl to cool.

At your workplace, lay out a bowl of warm water. Bowl should be large enough to put rice paper in.

Wet rice paper (She uses Bamboo tree brand--round sheets abt. 10-12 inches in diameter.)

Lay wet rice paper on table or plate. Fold over one edge about 1 inch. Start laying ingredients on folded edge:
**red lettuce (NOT like you buy for salad; the lettuce needs to be pliable & not crisp)
**carrot & dakon
**bean sprouts (optional)
**rice noodles
**meat (or shrimp & pork or grilled tofu or apples)
**peanuts (optional)
Roll tightly & serve immediately

If you make these ahead of time, cover with a damp towel to prevent rice paper from drying out & becoming brittle.

Serve with red sause, fish sauce, or peanut sauce.