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Ted's Favorite Ice Cream Dessert

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Contributed by: stacyandted

I've had a few PM requests for this so thought I'd share it with the group! It is pretty easy and is always a HIT at holiday parties. I wouldn't dare show up at the inlaws without it on Christmas Eve!

Ted's Favorite Ice Cream Dessert

38 oreo cookies crushed (not double stuff, and yes, use 38!)
3/4 stick melted margarine or butter
**Combine above and gently press into a 10x13 glass dish (glass because it makes it prettier!) ~~J's note: You can use 13x9 glass dish too

Thaw until soft, and then spread 1/2 gal of ice-cream over cookie mixture and refreeze until solid. (peppermint or candy cane icecream tastes the best with this recipe... if your grocery store doesn't carry it, mint-chip works ok as a back up plan)

Melt on stove:
1/2 stick margarine or butter
1c. powdered sugar
6oz. choc chips
1 can evap milk

**Mix and boil until it looks like Hershey's syrup. Cool and spread over frozen ice-cream, refreeze.

Once the chocolate layer is frozen, top with 1 container cool whip and sprinkle with holiday sprinkles or you can crush up a few more oreos.

**Word of warning... DON'T make the mistake I did and try to use SWEETENED CONDENSED MILK! The chocolate layer turned into this slow poke type chocolate candy that we could not chew! Thank GOD it was my family... and it made for some hilarious holiday memories, but still...use EVAPORATED milk only!!!

J's note: When doing the mix and boil to consistency of Hershey's syrup part, you can cook it over med-low heat  while stirring and once it starts bubbling cook it another 3 minutes or 4.  You want to make this dessert at least the day before serving, maybe 2 days.