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Roasted Chickpeas

Categories: AppetizersVegetables
Contributed by: Suzan

Kelly is right......."if it's good, it's even better roasted!!"

(It's pretty much the same as brocc but cooks longer)

Rince chick peas & pat dry
place in bowl
drizzle with olive oil
sprinkle cumin
sprinkle cayanne
sprinkle salt & pepper

cook about 1 hr

Stir them every once in awhile. you want them nice & crunchy
I bet you will starte making 2 huge cans at a time. they are that good Hunter will eat a whole can at a sitting.
By the way.....when you do the chick peas they are more like a crunchy snack. Not a veg to be served with dinner. (KWIM) I will make them alot in the afternoon for Hunter as a snack after school, or send them in for snack time.
Made the roasted brocc last night, cause you made me in the mood!! Tonight roasted cauliflower with chic satay & rice!! YUM