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Pork Shoulder aka Butt [cooking methods]

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[Jacqueline's note: Pork butt is *not* from the hind region of the pig, lol! It's from the shoulder region. Seriously.]

I would rub it down with lots of garlic (powder or fresh minced), salt, and coarse pepper and slow roast it, either in a crockpot or in a large dutch oven pot, covered, with a little water in it in the oven set to about 300 for several hours until it falls apart. You can add potatoes, carrots, celery chunks, onions whatever pot roast veggies you like, too. After you eat it as roast, you can shred the leftover meat with a fork and mix it with bbq sauce and have bbq pork sandwiches. MMm!
we love to take a pork roast and put it in a crock pot with a sliced up jalapeno and some sliced onions (and about a 1/2 c. water). cook it about 7 hours on high and pull the pork apart with some forks. We like to put the pork in tortillas and add cheese, sour cream and avacados for yummy burritos!

We use a recipe off of Epicurious.com that is called 6 hour Pork. It is SO GOOD!!! I think if you type in Pork roast it will pop up. YUM!!!
I would do what others have recommended and make BBQ Pulled Pork.
Throw the whole thing into a crock pot, cover with water, add in one package of those Onion Soup Mix powders, and cook on high for 4 hrs, or on low for 7-8.
Then I just take it out, separate the fat from meat, shread the meat and throw it into a pot with BBQ sauce and heat it all up. Serve on buns or sandwhiches.

As for covering it with water or anything else, I don't do that at all - it has enough fat content and juice to baste itself. When I make BBQ, I throw the pork in the crockpot in the morning by itself, cook 8-10 hours, then pull it apart and remove any fat/gristle. I then put BBQ sauce in it, and we have it in sandwiches/buns w/coleslaw on top. It is great for this. I use my crock pot a good bit, and leave it by itself all day long

Kerin in DE
Slow roasted with sauerkraut!!! Yummo!
I buy them all the time. Put it in a slow cooker all day with some spices. About an hour or two before you want to eat take it out, pull it apart, and put barbecue sauch on it and return back to the slow cooker until you are ready to eat. Can eat straight or put it in hamburger buns.
Linda in NJ
Since it isn't smoked, my Italian aunt makes the best roast pork by seasoning it with garlic, rosemary and S&P. She cooks it in one of those oven bags. Then she pulls it apart like other describe. I remember her saying she uses a pork shoulder.

Linda in NJ


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