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Pepper Jelly Cream Cheese Log

Categories: AppetizersHoliday (Christmas)
Contributed by: Jacqueline&David (Jacqueline)

Extremely easy and asked for every Christmas eve by our extended family. Everyone always raves about this thing and asks for the recipe. I just tell them it is the great jelly that Braswell's makes. It kind of has a sweet-hot slightly oniony flavor. There's never any appetizer left over.  (And what's easier on Christmas eve than opening a jar, stirring and spreading?)


  • Braswell's Pepper Jelly (red)~~~Other brands will do, but Braswell's is excellent straight out of the jar. It's sold by the other jams/jellies in the regular grocery store. 
  • bar/brick of cream cheese (don't skimp on lighter varieties. The regular one is the best.)
  • Carr's water crackers


Spoon desired amount of jelly into a small bowl and mix it w/ a spoon until less 'solid' so it pours better. Lay the block of cream cheese on a decorative platter and just pour the jelly over it evenly, letting some spill around the sides. 

Serve w/ Carr's water crackers (the flavor of these match really well w/ the rest.) Carrs crackers come in those rectangular smallish boxes in the cracker aisle. I believe the box is black?