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Pasta Bar Night

Categories: Kid Friendly,Pasta/Rice/Noodles
Contributed by: Jen in NJ

A great idea is pasta bar night. This is also a good activity that you can do with a little one...Noah LOVES to help me make dinner.

Have your child choose 2-3 varieties of pasta...spirals, linguini, elbows, tortellini, etc.

Prepare each pasta according to package directions.

Meanwhile, steam/heat/prepare a variety of toppings such as:
1. asparagus/broccoli/peas, etc.
2. chopped roasted red pepper
3. chopped fresh parsley
4. turkey meatballs (I buy the precooked Purdue ones, and Noah can microwave them himself)
5. turkey bacon
6. parmesan cheese
7. grated mozzerella cheese
8. tomato sauce
9. creamy roasted garlic sauce (I have a great lowfat recipe)

Place pastas and toppings on serving platters, and let diners help themselves at the table.

My family LOVES doing this, and everyone gets to eat exactly what they like.