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Paddy's Poha

Categories: World Cuisine (Indian)
Contributed by: pcpooh (Paddy)

[Jacqueline's note: Poha is a west Indian snack/breakfast food made from flattened rice.]

Remember to order [from the store] the thick poha because the thin ones just disintegrate into mush when soaked. You need the flat poha - they come in 2 varieties - one thin and one thick. You can use both of them - for the thin one you soak it for much less time.

An easy poha recipe that involves no cooking -

soak poha in cold water for 10 mins (I use hot water and reduce the soaking time to 2 mins). Cut up fruit (we love bananas) and mix with yoghurt and sugar/honey to taste and mix with the soaked poha. Sprinkle with flax seed powder for a crunchy texture if the kids like it.

This used to be my favorite snack when I was growing up in India.