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Oreo Truffles

Categories: DessertsHoliday
Contributed by: klc

OK, when I read the cake ball post it joggled my mind about a recipe that I haven't made in awhile that is similar and very decadent. It is rich and definately a must for chocolate lovers. And best of all EASY.

1 pkg. oreo cookies
1 pkg. 8oz creme cheese
2 pkg. semi sweet choc. chips - melted

crush 9 cookies into fine crumbs and set aside (these will be used to sprinkle on top when finished)
Crush remaining cookies to fine crumbs, add cream cheese, mix well
Roll cookie mixture into one inch balls and dip into melted chocolate, place on wax paper, sprinkle with reserved cookie crumbs, place in fridge to harden.

See how similar the two recipes are? So quick and easy and they look and taste like it was complicated.


~~~ Kelly CA added this suggestion: You can also make them with Nutter Butter cookies, if you like peanut butter.
koreageorgia added: These are the BEST!!!! My husband makes them for me since I have a touchy feely texture issue with "massaging" all the ingredients together and forming the ball! They are so good you won't want to share... SERIOUSLY! DH dips them in white chocolate and drizzles milk chocolate over it - beautiful! and YUMMY! ~~Reagan
cymom6 added: We make them with mint Oreos. Our family thinks they are even yummier this way.
cara620 added: I just made these yesterday. I use my food processor and it is even easier. I did just try the mint oreos myself yesterday and they are really great! I dip them in white choc and the drizzle dark over the regulars balls and I drizzled red icing over the mint. They turned out great.