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Mom's Mac-n-Cheese 

Categories: Kid FriendlyPasta/Rice/NoodlesVegetarian
Contributed by: Kerin in DE

OK, in my family, my mom's mac-n-cheese is legendary. It's not the kind with a creamy sauce, though. I love how it gets a little crunchy on top. Basic recipe:


  • One box noodles (I like rotini because it "holds" the cheese)
  • About a pound of cheese, shredded (any type of cheddar that you like)
  • Salt and pepper to taste
  • Milk ((I use FF)


Cook noodles. Put half of them in a large casserole dish. Cover with half the cheese. Sprinkle with S&P to taste. Pour in enough milk so that you can just see that most of the noodles are moistened. Add the rest of the noodles followed by the rest of the cheese, and more S&P if desired. Add a bit more milk -- enough so that when you tilt the dish a bit, you can see the milk. Cook 30 mins. at 350.