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MeiLi's Favorite Chicken & Vegetable Puree (Baby Food)

Categories: Kid Friendly
Contributed by: aophotography (Andrea)

Hi everyone! I'm a big fan of making homemade baby food. [This one is] good for babies 9 months and older who are ready for a little more texture.


  • -Frozen mixed vegetables (I like the carrot/corn/peas/green beans variety), or fresh if you have more time!
  • -Can of chicken breast meat, drained (if you have more time, you can use leftover roast/baked chicken or meat from a rotisserie chicken from Costco or your supermarket.)


Steam the veggies, and place in a food processor along with some chicken. Add a little bit of the water that you used to steam the veggies in (this water will have nutrients from the veggies that were lost during steaming)

Process until pureed, adding a little more water if necessary to achieve the texture your baby can handle.

For a sweet variation, add a bit of applesauce.