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Korean Wonton Soup (Mandu Guk)

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Contributed by: Nania

Mmm, I love soup too! When I'm tired and not really feeling like cooking I make Mandu Guk (Korean Wonton Soup). My mom used to make this for me when I was sick but I crave it all the time. I usually buy premade, frozen mandu at the local asian market or ask my mom to make them for me. I wouldn't really use the frozen gyoza ones from a large manufacturer since they don't have the same ingredients as Korean mandu (which usually have kimchee, pork, noodles).

Put a pot of water on to boil and add a spoonful of dashi no moto (the powdered beef broth) and little spoonful of powdered chili (get both of these at an asian market). I would start with less of each of these and taste as you go to make sure you have enough flavor. Add a smashed, chopped clove or two of garlic, maybe some thinly sliced onion and bring to a boil.

Then add some sliced duk (rice ovalettes, made from logs of rice cake), then add the frozen mandu and simmer until cooked through, maybe 7-10 minutes. Depending how soft you like your duk, you change when you add it. I like mine soft rather than chewy so I add it early on. ;-) Just before it's finished, drop in an egg and swirl it to get ribbons (like egg drop soup), top with sliced green onions and thinly shredded seaweed laver. Sometimes I cheat and sprinkle on the stuff you can buy in a little jar that you sprinkle on rice!