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Korean Potato Pancakes (Pa-Jun)

Categories: KoreanVegetarianWorld Cuisine
Contributed by: sarahfsk

Just made this yesterday, to rave reviews from my (non-picky) 2-yr-old and her (picky) 2-yr-old cousin: 

Peel and shred a potato. Salt lightly and let sit.
Thinly slice some cabbage kimchi (stems only, a few Tbsp?).
Pre-heat a skillet on medium/medium-high.
Squeeze as much liquid out of the potatoes as you can. Squeeze again.
Mix the potatoes, sliced kimchi, and an egg.
Spoon into the skillet and shape like a large pancake. Fry til done.
Serve with soy sauce (I spike mine with some vinegar).

Quite tasty! (And not spicy, even though kimchi is a little spicy.) You can even justify that it's good for you because it's vegetables.