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Kelly's Chili

Categories: BeefPork
Contributed by: Kelly CA

I don't have a recipe because I always just throw it together, but I think that part of the reason why we like my chili is because I use chunks of beef or pork, instead of ground meat.
I also use a roasted red pepper, chopped...this gives a nice sweetness.
I also add a cup of red wine...this adds a lot of flavor and complexity.
I use both chili powder(the mix, not plain ground chilies) and I add extra cumin and oregano.
I use two cans of pinto beans. I like them better than kidney beans because they are softer and they don't have a tough skin.
I use a large can of diced tomatoes and a can of tomato puree.
LOTS of garlic...about 4 nice cloves.
1 chopped onion, sauteed after I brown the meat(the garlic goes in at this time as well).