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Fried Rice

Categories: Pasta/Rice/NoodlesWorld Cuisine (Chinese)
Contributed by: Lillie

Fried rice is also a wonderful way to use up left-over rice particularly since starting fried rice with cold rice works really well. I also make the rice in a non-stick rice cooker. I then transfer the rice to the frying pan that I cooked the egg in. I use either canola oil or olive oil in the frying pan. If I'm using left-over rice, we usually have hot rice the first day and then cool the rice in the frig to use the next day in fried rice.

Some variations we like:

Shrimp fried rice -- Stir fry the peeled, deveined shrimp for a minute, remove them and set aside, make the stir fried rice as directed and add shrimp back in the last 2 minutes of cooking

Vegetables - We like the peas/carrots version. Some other veggies that can be added are: mushrooms, thinly sliced zucchini, and green beans (in addition to the carrots/peas). We're not the best veggie eaters, so I find this is one way for us to incorporate veggies that works for us. I also like to add pineapple chunks.

Chicken -- Adding chicken is another way to extend this meal.

Sauces -- I alternate between using soy/shoyu/tamari and teriyaki sauce to the fried rice