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Flavorful Rice Dish

Categories: Pasta/Rice/Noodles
Contributed by: AndreainNY

I like to take a vidalia onion (because they are sweet and do not have a strong onion flavor) and cook them until they are soft in olive oil, salt, and pepper. Just before they are done, I add some finely minced garlic (my Pampered Chef garlic "squasher" is perfect for this) and allow that to cook in as well. Then, I add baby portobella mushrooms (washed and sliced) and let them cook until soft. Once everything is cooked, I pour in white wine and add some stick butter, turn up the heat and melt the butter while the alcohol cooks off. I like to use the rice that heats up in the microwave, and I make one or two packs, depending on how much I need. Then I add it to the "stuff" in the pan, turn the heat to low, stir it in well, and let it sit for a bit before we eat it.

This is really flexible - you can add peppers and just about any other veggie you like (sometimes I add cooked baby carrots), or, instead of white wine, I add marsala wine, or even Korean stir fry sauce (with a little water). Sometimes I use long grain and wild rice instead of brown! No matter how I cook it, the kids gobble it up!!!