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Dduk Bo Sam

Categories: BeefKoreanWorld Cuisine
Contributed by: HelenCA

Dduk Bo Sam is is a very popular meal here in LA, and my personal favorite thing to cook for guests. It's always a huge hit! Fun to make and taste so yummy!

1) you'll need thinly sliced beef or marinated galbi cut in slices to cook on the table top grill. add onions and mushrooms, if desired. i should add, bulgogi does not work well with this.
2) The salad (recipe below)
3) a package of vietnamese rice noodle wrappers (not spring roll wrappers). they come in a square package. slice them up into 4s and steam cook until soft. ***

wrap #1 & #2 with #3. add dipping sauce: 1) sesame seed oil with salt and pepper 2)chili hot paste w/ siracha sauce (you can find both at the vietnamese market) i prepare both sauces. we like to dip the meat into both sauces, then wrap it up.
Sanchu & Pa Salad
This goes well with galbi and other grilled meats.
1/2 head red or green leaf lettuce (cut in bite-sized pieces)
6 stalks green onion (either cut in 1 inch pieces or slivered into thin 4-inch strips)
1T sesame oil
2 tsp soy sauce
1 tsp vinegar
1 tsp sugar
1-2 T Korean red pepper flakes (these are finer/different than the typical American 'pizza' style pepper flakes)
Mix the spices together and add to the green onion and lettuce. Mix well. ~~Tip: Wear disposable gloves so the red pepper doesn't burn your eye later when you rub it!
*** Make sure you aren't accidentally buying the wrong wrappers. You don't want Vietnamese rice paper wrappers! You want the ones labeled Banh Pho Tuoi. they are flat rice noodle sheets. they are already oiled and will not stick together. it's very difficult to find them fresh/soft, so i steam cook them. they just peel right off. my local korean market carries this, but i've also seen them at the 99 ranch markets.

spring roll wrapper, on the other hand, is round and brittle that needs to be soaked in water. i believe this is also called the rice paper. do not get the rice paper. this kind will not work for this recipe.