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Crockpot Chicken (Variations)

Categories: Chicken/PoultryCrockpot
Contributed by: Michele & The Gang (with a variation included by MicheleNJ)

I don't follow a recipe. I usually place some peeled potatoes cut into chunks into the bottom, about 1 inch of chicken broth, some garlic/onion salt, a bay leaf, and then put the chicken on top. Cook on high until done. If the leg joint is loose and comes off easily, it's done. You can also cut into the breast and if there is no pink juice, only clear, it's done. Or you can use a meat thermometer, stick it in the breast (don't hit the bone) and if it reads poultry it's done (I think 160 or so?) 

If you pour off the juices (broth) and cool it there will be a layer of fat on the top you can skim off. Also, after you have eaten the chicken, you can put the carcass in a big stock pot, cover with water, boil for a few hours, add seasonings and have chicken broth! Then you cool, remove the layer of fat, add some cut up chicken pieces, some noodles and voila, chicken noodle soup, pretty fat free.

MicheleNJ's crockpot chicken:

I don't follow a recipe either. I just add some cut up celery, carrots, onion, garlic, bay leaf, rosemary, a little chicken broth and throw it in the crockpot until it is falling off the bone. We use it for lots different things [such as] chicken tacos, cold chicken in a salad, whatever you can think of.