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Corned Beef

Categories: BeefHoliday (St. Patrick's Day)
Contributed by: Linda in NJ

My favorite way to cook corned beef is to steam it. You put the beef on a rack in a baking dish/roasting pan. (I use a pyrex dish.) Sprinkle corned beef w/ seasoning pack. Pour about 3/4-1 inch of water into bottom of the pan.  Cover with foil to seal. Bake for 3 hrs at 325. This makes a delicious steamed corned beef. Serve with baked potato and peas.

***You could also boil it for 3 hrs. Put the seasoning packet in the water. For the last 30 minutes, put in potatoes and cabbage.

The best one is Acme's Cook's brand "flat cut brisket". Also, I always make sure to get one with a seasoning packet. The other secret is to cut the meat against the grain. (When you look at the meat, there are lines--that's the grain. You want to cut against the grain. That makes it more tender.) Beware that however you cook it, the meat will shrink to half it's size.

Luck of the Irish to you!! Linda