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Cookie 'Cake/Pizza'

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Contributed by: Jacqueline&David plus various BB members

You know how expensive buying those premade and decorated cookie cakes can be. You can make them at home using the Nestle Toll House chocolate chip cookie recipe on the back of their bag, press it into a pizza pan and after baking and cooling, just decorate with frosting as you choose. Several frosting recipes follow. A thread was started on the BB asking for advice on how to go about making this. Here are some of the suggestions given:

staceyc suggested:

My DH is a baker (he teaches culinary arts in a vocational school and used to own his own bakery). His advice is to make sure it's evenly spread in the pan-the same thickness all around, about an inch thick, so no part is thicker than the rest. When it bakes, it will really spread so make sure you leave plenty of room for it to "grow". The best way to keep it from burning is to bake it at a lower temperature (325 degrees) and if at all possible, use parchament paper instead of greasing the pan and use two pans, one inside the other to insulate the bottom of the pan with the cookie. Good luck!

Lesa said: 

Nestle Tollhouse has a pan cookie recipe on their chocolate chip bag. I used this to make a 13x9 chocolate chip cookie as an alternative to a birthday cake. I decorated it after it cooled (leaving it in the pan). It worked out really well.

Barbara added:

I've also done this with no problem at all. I simply made the regular cookie recipe, greased my pizza pan and spread the cookie dough out in the pizza pan. I was able to get two "pizza cookies" out of one cookie recipe. If it looks like there won't be enough cookie dough for two, don't worry! Just spread the dough out to cover the pan as best you can and remember that the cookie will rise a little. If you time the baking right and keep an eye on it, you will have a soft, chewy center with slightly crispy edges... nothing burnt! I've decorated these with the same type of icing as I use on a cake - never a problem! Good luck and enjoy!

jacqueline&david added:

I used the Nestle Toll House recipe (gotta use real butter of course!) pressing it in the pizza pan and it turned out great! I made  buttercream frosting w/ real vanilla extract and butter, then used paste colors to tint the frosting.

Here is the frosting recipe I used:

*1 box (4 cups) powdered sugar
*1/2 C crisco/vegetable shortening ( I use a healthier alternative shortening sold at Whole Foods and in organic sections of grocery stores like Kroeger that has no partially-hydrogenated crud)
*1/2 C butter (if you are watching your cholesterol/saturated fat intake, you can also buy an earth balance stick 'butter' that's vegetarian from Whole Foods)
*1-2 tsp pure vanilla extract
*2-4 T milk (probably 3-4 T)
*Paste food coloring (liquid makes it too runny. Paste ones are at Michael's and similar craft stores in cake decorating department.)

Blend the shortening and butter then gradually add sugar along w/ vanilla and milk. Divide it up according to what colors you want and add paste coloring in and blend.

If you want this to be chocolate, when blending the shortening and butter together, add 1/3 C unsweetened cocoa powder to them and blend thoroughly before adding sugar and other ingredients. You can also substitute 2 envelopes of premelted unsweetened baking chocolate or 2 oz of unsweetened chocolate melted for the 1/3 C cocoa powder.

By the way, if you want some of your frosting to be pure white, then you will need to use all vegetable shortening and no butter (yellow color) and clear vanilla instead of pure extract (also give a yellowish tinge to white.) I don't bother b/c I just tint the frosting w/ color afterwards.

2boys2love has this icing recipe:

I just made this icing over the weekend and it's super simple and quick. I use it to ice in between two cookies to make a "double doozie" like you get at the mall cookie shops. It's pretty basic ingredients.

Double Doozie Icing

1 box confection sugar (1lb)
1/2 cup Crisco
1/2 cup butter
1 tsp clear vanilla (regular is ok, it just makes the icing a bit yellow)
2 tablespoon milk or water (I usually use water so I don't have to think
about refrigeration)

Whip Crisco, butter, vanilla. Add sugar a little bit at a time, add water as
needed (sometimes I use more depending on what consistency I am wanting for
the icing. Good luck!