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Christmas Crunch (Toffee-Chocolate Bark)

Categories: Baked GoodsDessertsHoliday
Contributed by: Jacqueline&David

We made 26 batches of this stuff last year as Christmas gifts.  Word spreads each year about how yummy this stuff is so everyone will it expect it annually from you! Be warned! 

Don't let the idea of the saltines disturb you. When someone handed me my first bag of this stuff 4 years ago and said there were saltines in it, my eyebrow raised up skeptically. But then I tried it. Oh...my...GOSH!!! ;-) The stuff is awesome. You break it apart so it winds up looking like that chocolate 'bark' stuff afterward.


  • 1 sleeve saltine crackers
  • 1 bag Nestle Tollhouse Semi-sweet chocolate chips
  • 2 sticks butter (not margarine: use the real deal)
  • 1 cup packed light (not dark, just light) brown sugar
  • heavy duty aluminum foil
  • cookie sheet w/ a lip edge to it
  • will power to resist eating it all before you give it away


Preheat oven to 400. Take a cookie sheet that has a little lip to it (so stuff doesn't run off the side) and line it with one big piece of aluminum foil. I leave the edges up straight so it helps catch anything that may want to run over side. Next, lay the saltines flat on the foil. You will use nearly the whole sleeve and will, depending on cookie sheet, possibly need to trim the last ones down to fit. Next, stirring CONSTANTLY, over medium-low (NOT medium) heat, bring butter and sugar to bubbling. It will take some time to come to this point. Just be patient and keep stirring. It takes 10-15 mintues I think? I can't remember. Anyway, once it starts bubbling, time it for 3 more minutes exactly. Then, immediately pour the mixture over the saltines. Tilt the saltine tray around to evenly coat. Pop it in the oven for exactly 6 minutes (no more!) While it is baking, have the chocolate chip bag open and ready to pour. As soon as you take the tray out of the oven, pour the chips over the top. After a couple of minutes the chips will have started to melt and will be ready for you to spread evenly over. I use a rubber spatula to do that. Then refrigerate overnight or at least like 5 or 6 hours. Break it into pieces. David and I eat the little shards (we call it shrapnel (sp?)) that result from breaking the pieces apart. I have had dozens of people ask for this recipe. You won't regret trying it. You may regret passing it out to too many people though, because you don't want to be like me, having to make 26 batches of the stuff! I even have to buy a new Pampered Chef saucepan because you can see all the nonstick coating is gone where I was stirring over and over! lol

Tell me what you think if you try it! Oh yeah, if you give it out as gifts, be sure to tell them to keep it refrigerated. It is best that way. It gets too chewy if left out long. Better when it has that crisp snap. By the way, the toffee (the butter and sugar cooked) tastes just like Heath bars!