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Christine's Turkey

Categories: Chicken/Poultry,Holiday
Contributed by: Christine

Get fresh (if possible) bird.

Get a pound of butter and let it get to room temperature. Mix in kosher salt, crushed black pepper, a little poultry seasoning, and some fresh herbs. Make a paste with it all.

Pierce the skin and use your hands to to get under the skin to seperate it from the turkey meat, be careful not to rip the skin. So in other words, it will kind of be like an attached blanket on the meat. Make the hole for your hands as little as possible.

Push the paste under the skin and press all over the turkey to make it evenly coated.

Use toothpicks to fix the hole you made in the skin.

Stuff the bird with your stuffing.

Sprinkle kosher salt and black pepper over the outside.

Cook as directed.