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Christine's Pesto Sauce

Categories: Sauces
Contributed by: Christine

RIDICULOUSLY EASY!!! And it really freezes well.

I just make a vat of it. Some little vat's with the specialty basil's and then put it in the little plastic Gerber baby food containers. I always save them. I have never tried the glass jars but I bet they would work too. One of those little plastic containers goes a long way because Pesto sauce is so strong. One little container will do a pound of spaghetti.

I will make a ton of these containers and then whenever I need to spice something up, or just make a quick diner I will pull one out of the freezer. They are great for fish, chicken, pork, pasta, sandwhiches with artisan bread and just mozzerella and tomatoes, pasta salads, a neat version of stuffed shells, etc.

Plus they make great care-packages, so I will send over a container or two and a box of pasta, instant meal for someone in need of one.

here is my recipe: SUPER EASY

Fill food-processor until fill with basil. Add garlic cloves, about six depending on your love of garlic, add about a cup to cup and a half of parm or parm regiano (sp) cheese, salt and pepper, and hit the button. Pour Extra virgin olive oil into spout until whole thing is the consistency you desire. It does not take very much EVOO. Spoon into containers and freeze.

A good recipe with this is to take a container of the Pesto sauce, with with same amount of bread crumbs, coat salmon, and pan sear sauce down until crunchy, flip and then wait only a few minutes. Good salmon is never cooked until done, the middle should always be just this side of warm.