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Christine's Pasta Gravy (Meat Sauce)

Categories: Sauces
Contributed by: Christine

Takes me about twelve hours to make gravy ;-), mean sauce and so I try and do a vat of it and break it up into Family size meals, Brian size meals, Noah size meals. When it runs out I start all over again. [In terms of herbs,] fresh is better but in the winter I use dried.

Here is what I do, copy this recipe and you will be fine, it is about five generations old I think:

Make homemade meatballs: much herbs, spices, ricotta cheese, breadcrumbs, fresh garlic, EVOL.

Cut up hot and mild italian sausage, from the butcher if at all possible.

Get pan pot hot, the heavier and bigger the pot the better. Put enough EVOL into it to coat.

When it starts to ripple so you know it is good and hot start dropping the meatballs and sausage in. Turn occassionally so they are almost burned on the outside of each piece. Take out when done each piece and collect in a big bowl for later. Need drippings.

When you are done this the pot should basically be burned on the bottom. Take enough tomato paste to have about an inch thick on bottom. Keep stiring and stiring with a wooden spoon, the tomato paste will pick up all the burnt pieces eventually and turn a dark dark red.

When that is done add enough crushed tomato's to fill it about 1/2 way, then add about another third of the way up with tomato sauce (pure stuff here from italian section of the grocery store). Add a lot of oregano, an entire head of crushed garlic (fresh,) a big handful of basil, a lot of salt and pepper (about 2 T of each), a cup of sugar about, about a cup and a half of diced onion, and about two cups of a good red wine. (And some bay leaves.) Throw in two whole onions peeled. Stir all together, add meat back in with all drippings.

Let simmer for the rest of the day. Can't simmer too long. If you are at this stage by about ten in the afternoon plan super for around six.