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Chicken Presents

Categories: Chicken/Poultry
Contributed by: B.GLAD.C

Shredded chicken
Cream cheese (i like to add jalapeno juice to mine)
Garlic powder
green onions
(anything else you like too)
refridgerated crescent roll dough.

Mix all that stuff together.

Unroll your dough, mushing 2 triangles together to make 1 rectangle.
Put your filling in the middle and wrap it up like a present.
Bake to dough directions.

We freeze ours uncooked, and bag.

I like to make hot sauce to dip in.
Off the top of my head (which isn't reliable) I think it is 1c butter and 1/2 hot sauce...or it might be the other way around. Or completely off. Who knows. I like it hot!