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Chicken & Pasta

Categories: Chicken/PoultryPasta/Rice/Noodles
Contributed by: Bren (now PandaBren) (Bren)

I've gotten a couple people that asked so here is what I do...

It's really easy. I boil a box of penne pasta. I grill chicken breasts (you can use a forman grill if you can't bbq it). I cut the chicken into strips. Sometimes I make my own sun dried tomatoes but today I'm using some jarred ones along with jarred artichoke hearts. I cut the tomatoes/hearts into bite size pieces (for the girls), and mix with the cooked penne and chicken strips. I drizzle it with olive oil (just to lightly coat it) and usually sprinkle it with pine nuts. You can season with salt/pepper. If we have fresh basil I'll add some chopped basil too. It's really easy and the girls LOVE it.

Happy cooking!