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Bottom Round w/ Potatoes & Carrots

Categories: BeefCrockpot
Contributed by: Ansley&E

In my book eye of round, top round and then bottom round is best for making a roast (in that order). It seems that bottom round is most redily available. Round roast is much leaner than chuck and almost all the fat is in one piece on the side, so you can cut it off if you wish, or just avoid eating that side. Personally, I leave it for DH.

My big roast tip is to rub the roast with salt, pepper, onion powder and garlic and pan sear all sides before I put in in the crock.
I just put mine in the crock with a packet of Lipton's Onion Soup mix and some celery stalks. If I have any salsa around (which is almost always) I add some of that, too.

If I want to just make sandwich meat with the roast (for subs or whatever) I put in salsa and a can of beer. I don't add carrots and potatoes to this because the beer makes the veg taste funny. My mother in law makes sandwich meat by putting in a beer and and a pack of dry italian dressing mix. This is really good, too.
Cook on low in the crockpot until done. I would say for a medium roast, cook for 5-6 hours and cook the potatoes and carrots 4 hours (on low). On high I'd say 4 and 3.